Lt. General (ret.)
Jeffrey S. Buchanan

Jeff Buchanan retired as one of the most diversely knowledgeable leadership experts of our time. After 37 years of Army military service on the front lines worldwide, with all sorts of people, situations, cultures and risks, today he mentors leaders toward exceptional outcomes.

Speaker, Mentor, Consultant

Lt. General Jeffrey S. Buchanan, retired, led tens of thousands of troops during his decades in the US Army. From Iraq to Afghanistan, Puerto Rico to the US-Mexico border, he has worked on the most difficult crises facing the modern world in the most challenging environments.

Now in his work as a consultant to governments and companies; mentor to leaders; speaker and he is an ideal resource for stories related to these and related topics:

“As I got to know him, I was impressed with the quality of his character in all he did.  Regardless of consequences, Jeff could always be counted on to do the right thing.”


leadership training

Leadership changes as the external circumstances change, and the company’s internal elements shift.  General Buchanan’s ability to apply his hard-won wisdom from the battlegrounds of Iraq to the ravages of the hurricane in Puerto Rico give him an almost singular ability to get to the core of the issues affecting any team or its leader, provide insights and assets from his rare viewpoint and help leaders make the critical judgment calls – especially in times of crisis.


borrow the general's brain

How would it benefit you and your team if you spent just one hour with a real life general? Lieutenant General (ret.) Jeffrey S. Buchanan is someone used to commanding thousands of troops. His leadership abilities helped to solve global crises, yanked the country off the brink of war, saved lives and resolved delicate matters of national security, often at risk of death and destruction.


leadership boot camp

This completely unique, highly challenging, life-transforming Wilderness Boot Camp for Leaders is carefully designed to forge in you the  superior leadership skills that will strengthen you and the companies you serve for the rest of your career. Combination dude ranch and Army boot camp, set in the wilds of Arizona, this completely unique, engrossing, mind-expanding program will help forge better leadership skills in every participant.  

Get to know the General

As a lieutenant general, Jeffrey S. Buchanan commanded the US Army North (Fifth Army), He expertly led both soldiers and civilians in complex combat and humanitarian operations all around the world.

See the General in Action

Video Testimonials

what people say

Jeff Buchanan is one of the most inspirational leaders I’ve known in my 36 years serving in and for the U.S. Army.

He is the epitome of someone whose “video matches his audio.” He can provide motivation and encouragement to vastly different audiences in a wide variety of settings with little to no notes because he speaks from the heart. He lives and breathes the Army values that he frequently illustrates in telling a story about a great hero or recognizing an outstanding member of his team. He is a leader who can make hard decisions when needed and one who genuinely listens to those who express opinions counter to his. He puts the needs of his team before his own, and he treats everyone with respect regardless of their rank or status. He never seeks recognition for himself but has nevertheless amassed a sizeable group of individuals who have served with or for him in the past that would jump at the chance to serve with him again. A true Soldier’s Soldier.

— Karen Lloyd, Colonel, US Army (retired)